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Strategic 1v1 Picks Help: 3/12/2013 18:42:14

Major Risk 
Level 51

In this game, I was unsure where to pick, both Mexico and Scandinavia are open for a double pick and take by 1st turn. Africa is also open, and Southeast asia protected well.
I would like to see where more advanced players would have chosen, and why...
Strategic 1v1 Picks Help: 3/12/2013 19:23:25

Widzisz • apex 
Level 60
I would pick something like this:

1.Scandinavian Peninsula
3.Southeast Asia
4.Central America
5.South America
6.West US

Scan + Greenland is better combo imo. I would rather assume my opponent to pick there as well, so I will get only 1 out of top 2.
Putting 3-4 SA/CA and 5 West US is risky, you may end up with 5 and 3 or 4 (like [WM]Falker here), which is obviously quite bad. To avoid this, I would simply make some other 3rd pick, 4-5 SA/CA combo and 6 the counter.

3rd pick could be different. I like Southeast Asia best, because it's possible to take it 2nd turn. Antarctica too, but that's too close to SA/CA.

Getting 123 is good enough for me, even if my opponent get SA/CA combo.
There is a possibility my opponent will go for 1-2 Central America and South America, and counter Scan and Greenland combo by picking Europe. I know what I would do then, but there are too many things to take into account to describe it fully here. Yes, my enemy would have better position than me, but I didn't lost here yet.

Generally, I would probably check if he is there by the 3rd turn if I get 1 and 2.
Strategic 1v1 Picks Help: 3/12/2013 19:26:54

Level 60
I`m not that good but I would like to see how my picks are compared to the picks of the advanced players.

My Picks:
1. Scandinavia: quite safe bonus. Good for in the beginning and for expansion into Greenland if needed
2. Mexico, Als quick bonus + securing SA
3. Myanmar. Well protected boneses and to have some control there.
4. SA, if Mexico taken it can be used to stop it, if not taken, it would be a double pick. Also used to enter Africa.
5. Hong Kong, Same as Myanmar.
6. Greenland: either to stop scandi (if somebody is there)or it is an double pick.

I don`t know how good they are, but that is what I would choose.
Strategic 1v1 Picks Help: 3/12/2013 20:36:54

Major Risk 
Level 51
Thanks guys,
Widzisz, I notice you have left Africa totally out of it all, I would have thought expansion in Africa from a double pick in CA/SA would have been the best options in hindsight better than Greenland/Scan combo??, but this would mean Southeast Asia would be left open for enemy, hmmm
Thanks for response! :)
Strategic 1v1 Picks Help: 3/12/2013 23:07:22

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
scand, gland, sam, cam, ant, sea. I assume its obvious why...

falker doesnt need to counter the cam FTB with US he will either get half of it, or get the scan FTB which is better.

Major, africa isnt important here because expansion isnt important, this map is likely to be over in under 10 turns.
Strategic 1v1 Picks Help: 3/12/2013 23:56:21

Level 58
Same as Piggy, but with west africa as #6, in case you got 1-2-6.
Strategic 1v1 Picks Help: 3/13/2013 06:22:20

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
scand, greenland, east china, south america, central america, Ant
Strategic 1v1 Picks Help: 3/13/2013 06:25:44

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
oh, and one question about the game you played:

why did you blockade in Mexico? Too expensive in my eyes
Strategic 1v1 Picks Help: 3/13/2013 18:00:29

Major Risk 
Level 51
Thanks guys, helps a lot! :)

And timinator, yeah it was too much of a heavy blockade, but I anticipated that he would attack me with full income, leaving a modest amount left, which he didnt so the blockade was so high, and wasted troops.

I blockaded in the first place as I knew he was taking Canada with the excess troops there leftover from Greenland, I needed to stop his expansion there whilst still keeping access to my bonus's in africa defended via CAM and SA, and a blockade made sure he couldnt attack downwards from Baja.

A controversial move, and one which I probably think maybe a mistake looking back.
Strategic 1v1 Picks Help: 3/13/2013 18:08:02

Major Risk 
Level 51
Oh and presume FTB means "For the bonus", but I know it is referring to the double pick.

Also I can see there is a slight change in what you guys have picked for #3 Pick, being East China/Southeast Asia or South America.
Is this just preference, are they all "right" picks?

Apologies for double post!
Strategic 1v1 Picks Help: 3/13/2013 22:21:36

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
First Turn Bonus.
Strategic 1v1 Picks Help: 3/15/2013 23:13:14

Level 60
Another Option - in my Eyes.

1. Scandinavian
2. CA
3. SA
4. Greenland
5. Antarctica

Good Players like you, are going to make the most efficient Picks.
With 1. Scandinavian and 2. CA - I destroy the possible Combo, but have a Chance to make the easier (smaller) Bouns.
With 3. SA and 4. Greenland - I might have the possiblity for the Combo myself. If my opponent is daydreaming like I do quite often.
With 5. Antarctica I´ve got the chance for a third small Bonus. (southeast Asia is possible too). But Antarctica is a very safe bonus for 2 turns at least (if opponent takes Madagascar)

If Combo Picks (Scand + Greenland) and (CA + SA) are mixed. I have the opportiunity with Antarctica to pressure SA (between CA and Antarctica) or make SA if opponent gets CA.
Strategic 1v1 Picks Help: 3/17/2013 01:45:43

Level 59
1. Greenland
2. Scandanavia
3. Central America
4. South America
5. Nigeria
6. East China
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