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The old default settings were better: 6/6/2021 14:23:56

Level 58
Let me explain:

The old default settings used to have a different map, but more importantly, they had WR and luck modifier. Let's take a look at what made these settings better:

Firstly, let's go over the old map:

The old map had a very strategically important territory Uruguay, but now it's in Argentina :(

I think it's funny that Israel has Syria, they should actually rename all the middle east Israel, cause that's what Israel is in the cool book I read.

Now let's see the combat settings:

I think 75% WR adds diversity in gameplay, like here where I failed to capture a 2 with a 5.

I think it's good cause it allowed me to be bad but win regardless, cause everyone deserves to win games once in a while.

I think that having read this, we can all come to the reasonable conclusion that we should bring back 75% WR and Uruguay to our real time games, they provided very fun and interesting gameplay.
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