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Feedback about my move, Danke.: 3/11/2013 11:25:23

Level 2
Game link : http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=3983847

i think my picks were good , On turn 7 i blockaded philippines+order priority card (which i later discovered that priority card does not make blockades occur before enemy's turns ) , to prevent enemy to try take Indonesia bonus back. so that i can play safe and concentrate breaking on West us bonus.

Was my planning and picks good, what do you think ? what would you have done to end that game more perfectly ... (with the same starts as me)?
Feedback about my move, Danke.: 3/11/2013 14:12:10

Level 60
well, on pickings you seemed to ignore antarctica/australia combo completely. the positioning in china/india is okayish i guess but if your intention with that pick was to scout or have a foot in that area you should have gone for phillipines as your 3rd pick. it would have given you better early access to australia.

on quick analysis i think i would have picked 1 scandinavia, 2 antartica, 3 australia, 4 greenland, 5 southeast asia, 6 indonesia.

curious on what other folks would have picked.
Feedback about my move, Danke.: 3/11/2013 15:53:21

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
Why taking risks turn 2? There was no need to. Delayed your expansion.
not taking Nord and getting scand would've been not good aswell.
Feedback about my move, Danke.: 3/11/2013 16:52:20

Major Risk 
Level 51

Could someone tell me where I went wrong here? What are the best picks too?
I obviously made a few mistakes.
Feedback about my move, Danke.: 3/12/2013 01:47:13

Level 60
Major Risk: i think your 4th pick should have been either central russia or east china, phillipines doesnt make much sense since you can't lose both 1st and 2nd picks and it wouldnt help you get australia faster/safer anyway.

then your other mistake was not attacking antarctica with the 8 on first action. you knew he was there and the chances he knew you were in australia were high aswell (since it was a combo) so it was very likely he would attack hard, not soft.

the gg mistake was when having to decide between antarctica v australia or indonesia v east china, it's a tough call because the ideal scenario would have been to keep foot in both and make sure you could break east china, which you might have pulled it off if you had invested in it properly but it could easily backfire. eitherway you seemed to have decided for antarctica, which is safer and ok if you can keep yourself alive in indonesia and keep expading in russia. but then you completely failed to defend antarctica properly and that was the gg blow imho.
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