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Cacao I love your clan: 5/31/2021 21:16:44

Level 58
The cacaoçian dynasty is the best clan in warzone I can't wait for them to win clan league.
take a moment to appreciate cacao's work and effort to fix the community, he truly is the Winston Churchill of warzone (cause he's always drunk, not cause he's a great leader).
To my great friend Cacao, please continue making warzone better, people will eventually stop hating and notice your clan's untapped potential <3
Cacao I love your clan: 5/31/2021 21:22:54

Level 56
I especially like how you initially took the position in fcc offered to you by Xeno because of your great sportmanship, overal skill at the game and ofcourse your upcoming marriage to the great Xenophon. #jealous.

But after spendinf sometime in the clan you decided to return to your humble beginnings and make the dynasty greater then every before
Posts 1 - 2 of 2