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I miss bracketology real time games: 2021-05-30 20:43:41

Level 58
When I used to play warlight, back in 2013, there would always be at least one game on the bracketology map: https://www.warzone.com/Map/1-Bracketology . I think it's a shame this template has disappeared from the strategic scene, and strongly urge the mtl council as well as the quickmatch voters to bring this map back into relevancy. I actually got one of my first wins ever on this map: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=9942092.
The fact the map got motw proves this map has a lot of strategic depth to it, I would also like to see a bracketology ladder, as that template is so fun.
Please do something about this underrated template, I love it a lot I think it's very awesome
I miss bracketology real time games: 2021-05-30 21:10:07

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
Here’s a match :) (https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=27122369)

Edited 5/30/2021 21:12:15
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