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Powerup trading: 5/28/2021 18:10:12

Level 50
I think it'd be interesting if idle had a way of trading powerups with other players. I'm imagining a trading system where people can offer some number of one powerup for some number of a different one.
Here's some reasons I think it'd be interesting.

  • It would create an interactive component to the game
  • It would let players specialize strategies more and act on different beliefs about how to optimize the game -- say I think mercs are OP and have a bunch of levels of additional mercs and someone else has army camp buffs. I might benefit more from inspire mercs and them from Supercharge army camp (I know IM is better objectively, but the trade could involve some number of SAC's for one IM). Players' AP allotment isn't usually specialized *enough* that trading is brokenly OP, I think.

I also considered proposing this for artifacts, but I think it's an interesting aspect of the game that you have to wait or get lucky to find an artifact you really want.

My biggest concern would be that the trading market becomes degenerate in some way -- people who don't really play the game just offer items for cheap for lolz, etc. As such, I'd propose this with rate limiting trades super hard -- eg) one trade per day per player (propose or accept one trade). I'd also propose unlocking trading to be a Phase 2 advancement, so you'd have to prove commitment to WZI before you can trade.
Powerup trading: 5/28/2021 21:51:39

Level 63
good idea. I offer you 5 Skip Levels for 1 Multilevel!
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