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Huruey's Castle Level Map: 5/16/2021 21:10:05

Level 62
I'd like to make a warzone classic singleplayer level that is based on the Huruey's Castle Idle level. Chaos made a level on SE, so I'm doing the next one. They also made a corrupted version that is far more difficult, I invite all of you to make a duplicate of mine that is corrupted in the same way.
Huruey's Castle Level Map: 5/18/2021 21:28:08

Level 57
Let's make a simple calculation. The map has 100 territories. Castle has 37 territories and every territory on castle has average of 300k armies. At least. That is 11M armies to clear. You have 100 territories to get income, hence each territory needs to generate 110k gold. Turn 1 territory makes 1 gold, turn 2 two gold, turn 3 three gold etc. until you decide to not spend gold for cities and save it up for armies. Let n be the turn when you stop building cities, you need n+110k/n turns to get enough gold. Using the sacred Japanese technique of derivation, the best turn to so stop is turn n=331. This means you need to spend at least 331+110k/331=663 turns to clear the level.
And yes, I assume that all armies on castle are in a single territory and that you start the level with all but one territory. Except the amount of turns to be more than 663.
That being said, I fully support this idea.

Edited 5/18/2021 21:30:12
Posts 1 - 2 of 2