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More cards: 3/1/2013 23:20:25

Level 2
Does anyone else ever wish that there were more cards?
It would change the game play in someway, and perhaps change many of the strategies used.
For example;

Resourceful: Get an extra piece of a card at the end of this turn.

Air raid card: You may attack once; a territory that is adjacent to another territory connected to the attacking territory. (for example, you could attack United Kingdom from Italy)

Wall: Remove a connection between two territories (for example; the connection between South Australia and Western Australia could be removed so that to get from one to the other you have to go through Northern Territory)

Note: These are just examples, you are free to comment with your ideas. The examples are based on the map Earth.
More cards: 3/1/2013 23:36:09

Level 43
In my opinion there are already too MANY cards.
Cards might seem like fun but I think they need to be used sparsely or they could easily ruin the fun of the whole game.
For example there are settings in which people can easily get a lot of overpowered abandon cards, that's just plain stupid....
More cards: 3/2/2013 04:53:02

Level 51
and when you get 10 100 percent sanction cards in one turn and you dont know they are negative, not positive
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