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Total money from territories vs. bonuses: 5/4/2021 16:04:03

Level 59

What is the difference between Total money from territories vs. Total money from bonuses? Both of my numbers are increasing but it seems like Total money from bonuses is increasing more closely to my income rate. There is a separate statistic which is Caches.

What are the difference between the two? And how is the income calculated?
Total money from territories vs. bonuses: 5/4/2021 16:17:42

Level 24
Most individual territories generate money. Click on a territory and under the name it will have a line on how much it took to conquer and under that will be the money generated if that territory generates money.

Bonuses are a group of territories that generate money. There are circles with numbers all over the map, click one of those numbers and it will highlight all the territories you need to generate that money per second.

For most maps you will make 4 to 5 times more money from bonuses vs territories.
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