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About the Help Forum: 2/26/2013 15:33:48

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The help forum is a place for players of all experience levels to ask questions about how WarLight works.


Feel free to ask any questions to help you understand how WarLight works!

Please try to use a descriptive subject line so other people can see what your post is about without having to read the whole thing. "Help" and "Question" are not a descriptive subject lines.

If you're asking a question about a specific game, please provide a link to that game. To get a link to your game, see http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Link_to_Game. Note that if the game uses fog and isn't finished yet, other players won't be able to see the territories, but it's still a good idea to link the game anyway since it will eventually end and your question can help future readers.

This isn't a forum for requesting features or changes to the game. For that, see http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Feedback.


If you know the answer to someone's question, feel free to help them out and respond!

Always treat other players with respect. Many people post here because they're new and you should not make fun of them for not knowing something.

If someone asks a question that's answered on the wiki, it's a good idea to post a link to the relevant part of the wiki. If you're feeling especially helpful, you can also copy/paste the answer from the wiki to the forum to save them a click.

If someone asks a question that isn't covered on the wiki, feel free to add this information to the wiki and then link that to the forum. This helps improve gaps in the wiki which will be beneficial to the next person who has the same question.
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Discussion is locked - replying not allowed