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History: 9/4/2014 02:13:11

Admiral Swag Master
Level 44
So I just finished a game that turned into an epic 1v1 fight. Is the history from the game gone now that its over?
History: 9/4/2014 02:23:53

Red Menace
Level 55
Multiplayer -> Create a Game --> Search --> Enter opponents username --> Go to their profile --> Games played togeather --> Find and click game
History: 9/4/2014 04:25:25

{DARK} That Guy
Level 56
You could also favorite the game from your profile. Go to the settings tab, click view public profile, then click edit profile, and lastly edit favorite games. Then you can favorite that game and watch the history every time you go to your profile.
History: 9/28/2014 22:33:39

Level 41
You can copy the link directly in a game and save it somewhere: Menu -> Settings -> Link: ...
History: 9/29/2014 09:33:14

Level 57
Sorry wrong page*

Edited 9/29/2014 09:51:05
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