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I have created Westero Games where i tell the story of a young Lord leading his men to freedom and Glory. People started getting hooked to these games and Requesting more of these games and for me to finish the story..i do create these games, however, here is a sneak peek on the whole story.. this is a story i create on the spot no person or thing has influenced. (so any names or likly-ness of another person is not of that person.. This is a work of fiction and does not resemble any event or historical figure..) un-like many stories this is an epic-fiction meaning it will take place over a wide spand of days, weeks and years. i will update whats posted here on this thread daily. Thanks for reading relax and Enjoy.

Knights Conspiracy
chapter One:
The year is that of our lord 1103. Many Kings fall and rise, But as so many rise our story shall take place. This is the Story of Young Dom where we see him and his Father Lord John of The Valens Court, Playing in the court yard. Young Dom was but 7 at this time, and still to this day we can see the remains of the Fallen in that courtyard. Lord John of the Valens Court was an elder of the High Council and a sitting member of the church. As Lord john Makes his way home, his men are attacked, a long battle commenses, With about half of the Men Killed Lord John safely makes his way home. As he walks to His yard he notices Horses stabled outside his house, He quickly Opens his door to find four Knights standing with his Wife. He quickly tries to run toward them but halts as one of the Knights raises his sword to Lord Johns Throat. He stands there in silence as his wife has a Sword to her throat. Then one of the Knights speaks and tells him to slowly throw all his papers and Orders to the ground. In the High Council Members will receive their orders on a small white wolven thick paper, only the Member and the Priest Know of when orders will be in. As Lord John puts his things on the ground Another Knight comes from the bedroom, This Knight seem to be Holding a piece of clothing, as the Knight makes his way closer Lord John quickly reconizes the Clothing, it belongs to Dom his son. As Lord John sees this his Eyes fill with fire and Rage takes hold of him.
"WHERE IS MY SON" He yells at them.
"Hes dead" Smirks one of the Knights.

As this is uttered, Lord John Draws his sword and with one swipe kills the Knight holding the Clothing. As this Knight Falls the others charge him and they begin to battle. Lord John Slays the two charging him with ease but suddenly,
"AHHHHH.....UKKK" His wife tries yelling as Her Body falls to the ground.
"NOOOOOOOOO...OO" He crys out heartbroken.
As her body Falls so does the Fourth Knights, as The last Knight sees this he barges out the door and escapes on his horse. Lord john now in tears hugs his wifes body on the floor, he begans to really feel it as an Unexpecting Visitor Appears in His doorway. Its Young Dom crying with a few scrapes and bruises. Lord John runs to Dom and picks him up as he is filled with joy,(Just Moments ago, Lord John thought his family was dead.)he hugs him as tears flow from his eyes and the feeling of happiness admist the chaos ensues. As the minutes pass Lord John begins to pack some things and tells Dom to do the same, he tells him to gather only what he can carry thats important, for they will not be returning. Dom confused obeys his fathers orders, as this continues the last Knight rider that Got away arrives at his encampment where he is met with his commander.
"Well, What News" The commander barks.
"Sire, Lord John has Slain my company and we could not retrieve the orders." He slowly replies.
"DAMN IT, You were tasked with one simple task and you could not even complete that."
"Sire, There was nothing More i could have done, surly i would have been killed too."
"Nonetheless, you have served your purpose. you are free."
"Free, Sire"
"Yes free, Now go and tell the others to prepare for battle."
"Yes, Sire."

As the Knight proceeds to the encampment the commander is greeted by a High Council Member from Valens Court. Councilmen Augustis Approaches the front gate where the Knight Commander is standing.
"What News Commander" In an Rigid older voice.
"Ser, we have not retrieved the Orders yet, most of my men were slain, i am preparing another Company of men to go back, Ser"
"Commander, we want them orders, i mean we need them, Johanis Augustis Must not complete them for our Plan to work. You do want our plans to work right..... Commander?"
"Of course Ser, but i cannot just march and get them myself.. i can only do so much with my men, they are torn beaten tired. if we had more time i.."
"NO, There is no more time. The King will arrive in Leximen in a weeks time, you have two days."
"Yes Ser, i will not allow them to continue."
"Great, Now get it done, ....... General"

The Councilmen Now gets back onto his horse and prepares to leave, just as he rides off, a runner comes to the front gate to Warn the commander an Barbarian Invasion is happening right now, as the Commander of the Knights Order he is sworn to protect the surounding Viliages. He thinks for a moment and sends word to his Knights to gather their gear, they begin to pack on thier horses just as screams and crying can be heard. As they look North Flames against a red sky with black smoke can be seen. They rush to go aid the small viliage But just as they arrive atop the hill they look down to see hordes of Enemies below, Thousands, The knight Officer asks the Commander for an order, The Commander takes a moment looking at the viliage then back to his men..
"RETREAT" He shouts..

his men puzzled by this follows his command and fall back to the old forest. they begin riding for their Encampment... As night falls they Arrive at their encampment, as the Knight Commander standing 6 feet 2 inches broad shouldered with long flowing Brown hair, enters the Front Gates he sees an unfamilar site. Fires have been started and there is men around it, As the commander makes his way toward the center of the Encampment he notices armor and horses stabled, he Quickly draws his sword and charges the sitting men. They quickly realize they are not alone as they all jump to their feet and draw swords, they begin to charge the Commander and a Battle commenses. As the Knights Arrive inside the gate they quickly see their Commander in a fight with several men, standing there some Knights rush to aid their Commander but is quickly stopped by the Knight Officer. He thinks for a moment debating to help or not as the Commander just left a defensless villiage to die. As more Knights arrive back the officer yells at them to stay back, thinking for a moment longer he gives the order to charge the Battle. The commander looks at the officers face bloody and cut open he pleads them for his life, The officer orders the men to aid the Commander and they slaughter the barbarians. After the fight the men take the Commander to a bed where he can rest and recover, as the Commander is carried away he wispers to the officer,
"I will not forget your betrayal"

All the officer could do at this point is hang his head, he wishes he had not aided the commander and had let him die. By this time Lord John and dom has Finished packing their things and has made their way to Lord Johns sisters home seven miles west of their home. Lord Johns sisters Husband is also on the High Council of Valens court, and Lord John seeks to ask for aid from them to try and find who sent the Knights. As the Hour reaches at the top, Lord John stops at a small tavern to gather some food and drink for the road. As he walks in the tavern he is greeted by the tender there and he asks if John Needs anything, Lord John replies that he needs what food he has and some ale. Four Knights on patrol ride to the small tavern to fill their bellies, They begin to reconize Lord John as they walk in. One of the Knights quickly runs back to his horse to ride back and tell his commanders, The others begin to make thier way toward John and Dom. As Lord John turns to see three Knights walking his way he pulls his sword as he throws the ale at them left on the counter. They charge at Lord John with Swords drawn, as they go to swing their Sword to Kill John they are stopped by a patron of the Tavern. The patrons sword blocks their sword in mid air as the Knights left in shock at the moment, try to catch on with whats going on. The patron throws the Knights sword away as he jabs his sword into the belly of the Knight. The others run out the door as they see their friend fall to the floor. The Patron walks back to his table, sits and continues his drinking. As Lord John stunned by this makes his way over to the Patron who had just saved his and Doms life, he hears a deep Voice say,
"Lord John, Please continue on your way"

As Lord John makes his way to Dom he looks to the barkeep And says to give the Patron a free round on Lord John as he flicks a gold coin toward the counter. Scared the Knights might return Lord John runs to his Horse and Begins to Stride for his Sisters. As he makes it onto the Road he Looks back wondering Who the Patron in the Tavern was that had saved his life..... End of Chapter one..

To Be Continued..
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