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Ladder Classic: #81 Bowdown 1340 vs #1 Sze 2155: 2/22/2013 03:42:26

Level 55

A good game to show that anything is possible with 1v1 ME standard settings. Skill (Sze > Bow) doesn't always win the day. And the player that has the game won (Bow) doesn't always win.

- Bowdown triple picks West Africa. He gets it first turn.
- Sze doubles up in Russia and takes SA. He tries to take SA in two turns.

Second turn: If Bowdown deploys 100% and attacks SA, it might be game over already.
Third turn: Bowdown rapes SA. Sze doesn't get a card piece.
Turn four to end of game: Bowdown has about twice as many armies on the board every turn (and has more income every turn except one).

When Bowdown surrenders (after turn 16):
- Income: Sze 14 vs Bowdown 24
- Armies on the board: Sze 46 vs Bowdown 82
- Defensive Position: advantage Bowdown
- Offensive Position: advantage Bowdown

Reason for Surrendering: Bowdown doesn't want to think about how to defend Africa and maintain armies in Europe, Scand and Russia?
Ladder Classic: #81 Bowdown 1340 vs #1 Sze 2155: 2/22/2013 03:43:29

Level 55
Oh yeah: Sze had better cumulative luck throughout the game.
Ladder Classic: #81 Bowdown 1340 vs #1 Sze 2155: 2/25/2013 16:43:44

Level 54
He cracks 7 bonus income and surrenders with a remarkable income advantage. perhaps he had too much respect. But surrendering at this point is really - not so clever.
Ladder Classic: #81 Bowdown 1340 vs #1 Sze 2155: 3/10/2013 20:51:15

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
i've done the same thing more than once, maybe not with such a huge advantage but one of them was published on a live stream with me surrendering when i had like 20X more armies than hhh and = income (both 9 income, i had a lot of armies on the field and he had 0, him about to be eliminated from a whole zone etc.).
It's a little intimidating to play someone you think is a lot better than you, you feel like you don't want to waste their time or continue a losing game, he probably thought sze was hiding something, or had a lot more income/armies, for example i had just lost a bonus and had assumed hhh had = income before, so when i lost half my income to a 1V1 success i just surrendered
(but ofc in that example he cheated, he said in chat to surrender oO) :P
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