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Map suggestion from you to me :): 4/22/2021 13:23:06

Level 32
As I recently finished my last map I'd like to ask the community about my next map.
I'd like to set it around medieval times, maybe the map of a fantasy book series, any ideas?
If you'd like to suggest something totally different that's fine too, I will consider every comment
Map suggestion from you to me :): 4/22/2021 13:38:01

Level 59
Dragonlance. An old fantasy series based in D&D I believe from the 80s. Everyone has done GoT and Lord of the Rings, so would be cool to see someone try out some other worlds.
Map suggestion from you to me :): 4/22/2021 13:43:48

Level 60
a giant map of captain price
Map suggestion from you to me :): 4/22/2021 13:48:03

Level 57
Medieval political maps are a lot more balanced than any fictional island continent world
Map suggestion from you to me :): 4/22/2021 21:08:21

Level 32

Still, a weird map from some book series intrigues me
Map suggestion from you to me :): 4/25/2021 22:49:42

Level 48
I would like to see a EU4 Europe+North Africa+Middle East map.
"But we already have Occasus Universitas" True, but it was made in 2014 and since then EU4 got many updates, and now they have a better map that's perfect for diplo games. Good thing for this project is that the EU4 wiki is full of maps of the game: https://eu4.paradoxwikis.com/File:Blank_map.png
Like Occasus Universitas, every single territory would be it's own bonus, but you could add super bonus and base it on the 1444 start map: https://eu4.paradoxwikis.com/File:Countries.png . Unlike Occasus Universitas, I would like to see sea tiles to be added, as it's one of Occasus Universitas greatest weakness, in my opinion of course. Regarding about what parts of the world should be represented on the map, you could base them on the EU4 regions: https://eu4.paradoxwikis.com/Regions#Subcontinents. For example for North Africa you could add only the Magrheb and Egypt regions: https://eu4.paradoxwikis.com/Africa_northern_regions, and for the Middlea East you can use this https://eu4.paradoxwikis.com/Middle_East_regions, excluding only the Khorasan and the lower half of the Arabia region, just like how Occasus Universitas did. Regarding the value of the bonuses, I find it better to use the Base development map https://eu4.paradoxwikis.com/File:Base_development_map.png and divide it by 3, so provinces like Venice would be worth 9 armies while the algeiran desert provinces would be worth 1.
A map like this would be perfect for diplo games, as it can be used for numerous historical scenarios and I think many people would enjoy it.
Map suggestion from you to me :): 5/3/2021 18:47:41

Level 55
I second this request, I would absolutely love that map for diplo games.
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