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I support israel.: 9/2/2014 00:14:09

Timur the Lame 
Level 51
I support israel.: 9/2/2014 00:52:09

The National Socialist
Level 54
You know Ilk....I could do terrible things to you. I am your DL and as such I could make you play a horrible map..... Like KALADOR! Fear the power of my DL-ness... How dare you support Israel!
I support israel.: 9/2/2014 00:58:12

master of desaster 
Level 65
you support israel by making this post? that must be a huge help
I support israel.: 9/2/2014 01:42:24

Dr. Stupid 
Level 58
lol. support away, Ilk. I can deal with DLs if they get pesky! lol
I support israel.: 9/2/2014 04:23:43

Level 54
Yes, thank you very much!


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I support israel.: 9/11/2014 21:28:28

Level 44
I agree with support for Isreal as they have been through many hard times

plus i`m American and America loves Isreal (obvious thing is obvious)and don`t complain about my opinion that happens a lot on websites like Youtube and stuff like that

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I support israel.: 9/11/2014 23:07:02

[LN] Lion
Level 57
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I do not support Israel, or Hamas. I support the civilians of Gaza, and Israel alike. Moreover, the Gaza civilians at the time due to what they are going through. You need to really look into the history of this region to understand what is going on. I highly doubt that 90% of people actually know it, but just make judgments based on what they are told/believe.

Edited 9/11/2014 23:08:38
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