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Surrendering in FFA: 2/13/2013 14:30:32

Level 59
So, I just played a game of Asia FFA, and managed to piss off someone by not surrendering when it was clear I could not win. Out of interest, what is everyone's opinion on this?

Personally, I find it annoying when someone gains an unfair advantage because their opponents drops out, and I see it as a honour thing to stay in as long as possible. In addition, if people get to know me they know I won't back down and perhaps they will pick on someone else. :)

Do you agree? Or was Budyy right to blacklist and insult me just because I put up a fight even though he had more than twice my bonus?

Surrendering in FFA: 2/13/2013 15:24:15

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
If you were his last opponent to fight i'd understand his rage (since you would only drag out the game)

If there are more players on the board i usually play until i'm
a) bored
b) eliminated

Surrendering in FFA: 2/13/2013 15:27:10

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
Just wanted to add:
Rusos boot lost him the game, not your fight ;)
Surrendering in FFA: 2/13/2013 15:28:58

Level 55
Dear Sir,

You are a right and honorable man. It is indeed a chivalrous act to engage the enemy against all odds, if only to ensure the war does not turn into an unfair bloodbath.


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