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[Suggestion] New Options for the Spy Cards: 2/8/2013 12:28:03

Level 3
This is a suggestion that woud apply to all the three types of Spy Cards, and should probably be a toggleable option at some game creation screen.

The suggestion: Make Spy Cards have a recipient, i.e., instead of seeing a Bonus, territory or player's lands, you can specify another player who will get the information benefit from the Spy Card. This could be useful in foggy FFA games with spy cards (why make a FFA without them?), as you could share reliable information about how the red player controls Russia and needs to be teamed up against, or, more deviously, you could show a player a carefully selected part of the world, giving him the clear impression that Red player controls Russia.

Yap, I am sure this has been suggested before, but a quick search gave me nothing.
Also, sorry for the horible spelling and punctuation in this post - live with it, I hope the idea itself is clear.
[Suggestion] New Options for the Spy Cards: 2/13/2013 17:55:39

Level 28
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