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Dark Lords?: 3/19/2021 00:27:09

Level 62
Serious questions.
Where are Dark Lords in CW?
They have around 400 players, there have to be some active ones.
Dark Lords?: 3/19/2021 00:34:46

Level 44
They had someone participate in the beta season and won a territory there. I don't remember who.

But it's not surprising that they're nowhere to be seen right now. Their Clan War Rating is 0, too, so maybe they haven't played at all. DARKLORDS is a graveyard (see: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/528679?Offset=9).
Among nearly 700 members now, only 4 are really active.
Would you be surprised if a 4 member clan didn't participate in Clan Wars?
Dark Lords?: 3/20/2021 00:33:38

SEAD is all u NEAD
Level 51
https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=26176334 - this is the one official CW game played by DARKLORDS so far this season. I think the same player (puppymonkeybaby) was also responsible for the 1 win/territory DARKLORDS had in the test season.
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