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Map of Argentina: 8/24/2014 02:39:09

Level 50

This is map new map, I have finished on making territories, bonuses and connetions, so before it goes public and I add some details, I would like to know your opinion and some help with bonus value (the one which are right now are't going to be the definitive ones) and missing connetions, I checked them a few times but maybe I left some.

Thank you.
Map of Argentina: 8/24/2014 07:09:42

Level 30
The Falklands aren't part of Argentina- if you're going to add it then at least make it a seporate bonus.
Map of Argentina: 8/24/2014 07:13:04

Red Menace
Level 55
Add connections between Misiones and somewhere else. It looks like a dead end and bad spot to start. Also, why are the bonuses so massive?
Map of Argentina: 8/24/2014 07:46:51

Level 58
This map looks great. Just 1 major problems: The Falklands are not part of Argentina!!!!!!!!
Map of Argentina: 8/24/2014 09:36:37

Level 50
Haha, some Britains are going to be upset about this map :-)
Map of Argentina: 8/24/2014 10:35:07

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
For playability, better split up some of the big boni :/
Map of Argentina: 8/24/2014 11:16:58

Level 57
Very big bonuses :p. Also Falklands are not part of "Argentina" !!!!!! It a country, Falkland's aren't part of that country.
Map of Argentina: 8/24/2014 11:24:05

Level 60
They are right, the map should be called "Falklands", not "Argentina".
Map of Argentina: 8/24/2014 13:48:44

Level 50
I was warned about this, but I just said in other post.

Every time I make a map, I use a map from the goverment of the country (unless some specific maps when I specify that it is not the case). So, Argentina claims the territory of Falkand Islands as own, so in this map I include it as part of it.

If I had to do a map of all the Brithis territories, I would use a map of the British government, and I would include the Falkand Islands in there.

So, if you are upset with this, don't blame me, blame the Argentinean goverment xD
I forgot to make it clear before but this is how I work... I know I risk to a lot of 1 rates but I don't really care.

Speaking of the map, I did this bonuses because they are the original division in Argentina (I joined some territories because they were too small), I was think, I could split the bonuses of:
-Buenos Aires
-Santiago del Estero
and maybe (depends onwhat you say):
-La Pampa

I connected Misiones with Formosa, thank you Yeezus Theory.

P.S.: This is not the place where I will discuss about the control over Falkands Islands, everyone has the right to have its own opinion, but I understad this polemic as childish and out of time (we are not in colonialist era anymore). So I will let this discussion only to Falklanders, it's obviuos that my opinion shouldn't matter, the same way as the opinion of any British or any Argentinean (at least as I understand).
So, if you are still angry with it, let's say this, for you, this is just a fictional map where Argentina has control over the Falkands Islands and it doesn't represent the reality.
For the rest who understand this is just a map and this is just a game, not a political claim, enjoy the map as a view of Argentina as Argentinean sees.

P.S.2: The only territory I won't include in any map I do as part of any country is the Antarctic, not for Argentina, Chile, UK, New Zealand, Australia, France nor Norway.

Edited 8/24/2014 14:05:30
Map of Argentina: 8/24/2014 16:52:31

Level 53
The falklanders themselves thnk they are british and britain is in control and adminsters the island.

Tooo few bonuses and too many large bonuses i would had split the bonuses so the largest bonus is 10 territoriesor somethingg like that.
Map of Argentina: 8/24/2014 17:22:39

An abandoned account
Level 56
Or you could do a compromise and call your map "Mainland Argentina", then there's no need to have an argument about the Falkland Islands because whichever side the debate you fall on, we can all agree the Falkland Islands are not part of Argentina's mainland.
Map of Argentina: 8/24/2014 17:50:47

Level 50
New version: http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=35846
Most biggest bonus are now splitted in 2 or even 3 smaller bonus, plus Misiones connects to Formosa.

About the name of the map and the territories, as I said before, this is not any political claim, this is an offical map of Argentina in Argentina (with the exception of the Antarctic). Any problem with that you can protest here:

This is how I work.

P.S.: If the Falklanders think they are Brithis, I'm glad with that, this is a game, this is a simple map in a simple remote game, don't take it so serious.
Map of Argentina: 8/25/2014 08:06:39

Level 58
Argentina has no governmental control over the Falklands. Going on it by what the country thinks would make some extremely strange maps in over cases.

But you should go by what the majority of world agrees on.

Edited 8/25/2014 08:08:16
Map of Argentina: 8/25/2014 12:09:05

Level 20
You should create the city of Mar del Plata. It's a pretty big city on the coast, around where you have 'Necochea'
Map of Argentina: 8/25/2014 12:49:17

Level 50
@skunk940, They may have no control over them, but they include them in its nationl ground, and any Falklander can be consideres as Argentinean if they please.
As I said, I won't discuss this anymore, I'm here to talk about the map and it issues, not the real-political issues around them. I'm pretty sure that if I made a map of Iraq or Syrya, anyone would have complained about the control of some lands, which are in hands of the Islamic State.
(Before anyone get mad, I'm not camparing UK with IS, but claiming of lands of Syria and Iraq which they have no control, as Argentina does with Falklands)

I'm glad you are British, I'm glad you are proud of it, but I won't change it... you want a map of Argentina without Falklands, do it yourself, I'm sorry.
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