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How to win Gold Star: Tricky Europe V2: 3/6/2021 15:22:18

Level 36
This strategy got gold in 27 but takes some AI luck in the first move. Move 1: Sanction Durocoturum. (AI Luck) Pontus must attack Haemimontus while you capture Tharcia and Syracuse and you are not attacked in Mursa. If any of that fails, start over. This multi-attack on AI Syracuse keeps it from getting an army and capturing Qssonoba.
All other keys:
Save priority cards for the battle around Qssonoba. Save your last airlift card for battle around Hippo Regius.
You must use diplomacy card on turn 5 between Qssonoba and Gadaes. This delays Gadaes from the 10 spot there.
Use partners 10 and make Sarvaria and Norona fight over Salon.
Gain territories to increase arm size as you march towards the Durocoturum 10. Capture by turn 8 before sanction wears off. (21 beats 13)
Race to Saguntum with a 40 plus army where you will split sending 8 down and everyone else over. You will encounter large armies in both directions. You are luring them away from Qssonoba and Gadaes so don't confront them but maneuver around them. Remembering AI's rules helps. It attacks based on armies at the end of a round. If it cannot beat the army it won't attack that army. Lure large armies with small territories and force attacks by leaving a smaller army that you can stack to break down or defeat their large armies. Pay attention to move order and use your priority cards to capture the Qssonoba 10 spot and break into Tingus.

You need to capture Tingus by round 17 or you may not finish with gold.
Last tough battles are Hippo Regius and Capsa. I used AI attack strategy, airlifted (40+ stack) and move order to beat Hippo Regius. My last battle was a lured fight at Gadaes where I could surround the army. Don't forget about Carthage. Start sending 10's to it in round 22 but take the -11 in last round.
This can likely be improved for winning in fewer rounds. Good luck

Edited 3/6/2021 15:28:58
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