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Proposal: Vertical Idle Menus Option: 3/1/2021 22:46:05

Level 25
I don't know whether Idle is mostly played on desktop or if Fizzer managed to attract a large player base on mobile given that idle games on mobile get quite some attention, but except for once or twice each day that I launch the game on mobile to get the Army Camp Boost I mostly play via browser. That means that my display is much wider than it is tall. After the menus got resized and limited to a fixed width and don't span very wide anymore, I feel like the horizontal orientation of the menus take up way more space than necessary. For mobile the horizontal menus are fine (if not optimal), but if the menus on desktop were on the left (or right) side instead of at the bottom, I feel like that way more map would still be visible with a menu opened. Given that everyone can size their browser as they wish and could end up with a browser that is in fact taller than it is wide, I don't want to ask for the menus to be placed on either side. But I would like to ask for an OPTION to have the menus on one side instead of at the bottom on desktop/browser. You could even have the menus on one side and the territory/bonus information still at the bottom. Such that both can be open at the same time and unintentionally selecting a territory wouldn't switch the menu view you just looked at.

Things like the Tech tree or the list of ores would then easily fit on one (reasonable sized) screen without the need to scroll, menus like the advancement would be way easier to read/scroll, because more could be seen on one glance. You could immediately spot the cheapest Army Camp upgrade even if you already have ten of them.
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