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So do you think I'm wrong?: 1/22/2013 19:54:44

Level 2
At the beginning of a game, two players on my team left the game
Then a player called "Anton" on the opposing team insisted that it was his win and went to continue the game even after everyone else voted and voluntarily became an AI. He goes on to curse at me for being a noob for being place randomly onto my team. I blacklisted and surrendered ~> Do you think I did the right thing?
So do you think I'm wrong?: 1/22/2013 20:16:00

Level 55
I'm glad you brought this affair to light. It is truly a delicate situation we warlight gamers must all face at least once in our wl careers. How one handles said situation is a true measure of one's gaming elegance, if you will. Indeed, to curse vigorously, calling the perpetrator a slew of wicked and evil expletives, only to accept the loss and forget it ever happened (just like when you shag a dirty girl bc you had the urge, if you will) is the natural response. To come here to create a thread is a less natural response, given the common sense nature of the affair, if you will. Indeed, it strikes me as a contradiction of logic.
So do you think I'm wrong?: 1/22/2013 21:56:46

Master ARC 
Level 57
I'm not saying that this is the right way, but I would stand my ground without going berserk on him. Threaten to blacklist him, threaten to report him for foul language, threaten to take this matter to the forum, but don't deal with him as he deals with you. It really is not all that different from dealing with bullies IRL.

Also, I'd very much like to see a link to the game and his profile, if you'd be so kind.
So do you think I'm wrong?: 1/23/2013 15:02:06

Level 53
Mc arc threatens but does he deliver action.
So do you think I'm wrong?: 1/23/2013 16:59:39

Level 60
if your teammates went away before picks then you were in the right and they should vote to end.
if your teammates picked and then left, it could have been because they thought their picks were bad, and in this case it's your teams problem and the opponents deserve the win, so if they refuse it's their prerogative and all you should do is surrender or keep playing until it's obvious you don't stand a chance.

i can only recommend that you only join games with prerequisite of low boot rate and high number of games played in the future. and avoid joining teams with new members.

surrendering when the game is clearly over is always the right thing to do. regardless if your opponent is being an idiot or not.

blacklisting people who you believe are acting stupid towards you is also the right thing to do. you wouldn't want to play with them in the future.

and opposite to arc's advise, threatening is never a good idea, only brings more drama and timewasting discussions to the chat. if you have just cause to blacklist or report someone just do it and move on to the next game.
So do you think I'm wrong?: 1/24/2013 04:02:51

Level 44

You could have just surrendered? I mean dont play with noobs and you will have better results.
So do you think I'm wrong?: 1/25/2013 13:47:56

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
thread summary:
Eratorn: Do you think i'm wrong?
Everyone: Yes
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