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Multiday Games: 1/22/2013 01:27:55

Level 27
I enter to warlight whenever I can, i mean every 2-5 hours i log in, i commit my turn and if i dont have to go I stay for a couple of hours waiting for another players to commit their turn while im surfing on the web, but if I have to go I dont come back until 2-5 hours, you can check my play speed if you want.

These questions are directed only to multiday players

How many times do you enter to warlight daily? or How many days per week do you enter to warlight? Do you stay to wait the other players to commit their turn?

Do you like Realtime games?
Multiday Games: 1/22/2013 01:30:12

Darth Mylor {Warlighter}
Level 13
I play once a day on weekdays for about 4 hours from 4:30 to 8:30 with breaks. On weekends, i play all day from the morning till night to check anything new or play my turn, and do something else and return later. I also play real time games often.
Multiday Games: 1/22/2013 17:58:52

Level 53
I like realtime and i go on warlight twice a day for multiday,the first at around 7:45 to 8:30 then i go on from 3.35 to 6 on weekdays.
Multiday Games: 1/22/2013 19:36:14

Level 13
I used to do what you do Atomik, i.e. login to Warlight few times a day, stay logged in almost all the time I'm in home and play my multidays like realtime if my opponent was present. I had a real good multiday speed back then :) But after playing like this for some time I noticed Warlight is taking up way too much time so I slowed down.

Now I'm logging in once or twice a day to take my turns. Not in all of the waiting games either, sometimes I let some games to wait for more than one day if I don't have much time, especially if it's a hard or important game. I also don't usually take my turn again if I notice my opponent committed his orders while I was logged in, unless I feel like I'm winning and I don't have to think about my moves much.

I don't play realtime, with the sole exception of Lolowut's Live Streamed 1v1 touraments, if I have time for them. I like the freedom of taking a break from the game if I have a need to stop and think for a few minutes/hours/days.
Multiday Games: 1/24/2013 19:07:20

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
i refresh like a maniac every 30 seconds 15 hours a day during weekends (just kidding, but i'm usually on about 10 hours/day on weekends because i work on a computer, whenever i feel like it i refresh)
during the week i'm on from 6pm to 2am with long breaks for dinner and stuff, always working at the same time
i never play real time games except during the vacation, but i play multiday games real time all the time
^i repeated time a lot in that sentence
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