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one weak and useless allied: 2/25/2021 23:54:03

Level 33
anyone have any tip or steps to beat this?
would be much appreciated?
one weak and useless allied: 3/1/2021 01:16:18

Level 60
very hard. i suggest meeting him in battle ASAP
one weak and useless allied: 3/6/2021 23:43:36

Neon Skull
Level 42
I have a Gold Star on this level but can't remember the exact tactics (and it's one of the few levels that I didn't make a video for).

If I remember rightly, you need to defeat AI4 and when you are at the point where you are strong enough to start pushing AI3 back (and when you also have enough spare troops), you need to start airlifting troops to your "useless" ally in either Oujda or Figuig until he has enough to break through the blockade of 1999. Once he is through, hopefully he is good enough to help you defeat AI3 in the desired amount of moves. It didn't always work out though because like the title says, he is a pretty useless ally and is very stupid. You need to help him by continuing to airlift troops to the correct areas towards the end to persuade him to attack the enemy in the right areas.

I hope this helps. Keep trying, it took me many attempts so you'll get there in the end.
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