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The World of Alurien: 1/20/2013 12:49:20

Lord Syvedyas
Level 57
Hi fellow warlighters.
After my 4 player map "Gelvien Coast" and my 10 player map "The Nashran Reaches" i now want to make a map for 24 player games.

The general outlining of the map will be as followed:

I want the main focus of the map beeing a big strategical map where in different regions there are different strategical challenges and options while still maintaining a good overall balance.

This is where you can come in a give me ideas for said challenges and your voices when overall balance might be threatened.

Here are the ideas i want to implement at the moment:
- The yellow marked region in the center of Eastern and Western Continent will stand for deserts and will be filled with territories which dont belong to a bonus beeing somewhat of a border players can travel through. There can be a overall bonus for the whole deserts giving the surveillance card a good means to spy the whole region. In the deserts will be a few oasises (dont know if thats the right plural :D) which will be 1 point bonuses.

- Atleast the other two big Mountainranges will also get some mountainroads to give means of strategical ways and the usage of abandon and blockade cards as avalanches blocking the roads.

- Im currently thinking of making the north a somewhat harsh region with a few 1 point bonuses surrounded by big bonuses which take a while to get. The small bonuses representing Castles or Forts.

- To make the center regions in East and West continent more fought over im thinking of using there smaller superbonuses to have fertile regions.

- There will defenitly be some Sea routes as well though im still thinking about how to go with them. Maybe in a similar way as the mountains... Not sure though because abandon an such wouldnt be that realistic there ;)

So much as of now from my side. If you have ideas and feedback lay it on me. I hope to create a nice and well liked map here and with your help i might just make it :)

Last but not least the link to the current stand of the map: http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer.aspx?PreviewMap=18368
The cut up parts in the south are bonus size and not territory size

Can anyone guess where the basic outline of the map is from? :)

For those interessted:
Gelvien Coast: http://warlight.net/Map.aspx?ID=7055
The Nashran Reaches: http://warlight.net/Map.aspx?ID=6964
The World of Alurien: 1/20/2013 13:14:56

Level 57
Nice Map Lord. Wish your next map will be Lighting Dragon Island.
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