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Suggestion: Make it easier to tell ores apart.: 2/21/2021 17:28:59

Level 56
Right now, all ores have the same image but each a unique color. It sometimes makes it a little difficult to tell aluminum, silver and tin apart because they are all grey/silver. It would be nice if there was maybe four different ore images (or unique images for each ore) to make it easier to identify. When looking at the mine tab, before I upgrade specific mines, I normally always double check by hovering over the ore to make it's the correct one. It would be nice to more easily tell the ores apart.

Suggestion: Make it easier to tell ores apart.: 2/21/2021 18:51:17

Level 25
I like the fact that they all look the same, but I get your point and would support this. But... ! Tin??? I mean, I don't know if you suffer some kind of color-blindness (and I really don't mean this offensive in any means), but the rose-like tin-color is pretty much totally different from the greys of silver and aluminum. At least to me. But one root cause of this problem is that silver and aluminum are directly next to each other in the "ore order", so some mines produce both and some could very well produce one instead of the other. So, yeah, would be fine with me to have more than just one icon in addition to the different colors. Don't need to be a unique icon for each. But given the size of the ore icons I'm just not sure, if you could distinguish the different icons easily enough that the different icons would make any difference in the game-play.
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