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Warlight not working: 1/16/2013 13:14:28

awesomely bitchtastic beta 2.o
Level 58
For the last few days, warlight has not been working smoothly for me. When I try to enter a game, I get a yellow box saying I can't connect to the servers, occasionally I get a message in red font saying the service is unavailable. Iv tried using other computers and other wifi, to no success. Has anyon encountered the same problem?
Warlight not working: 1/16/2013 15:39:30

no one
Level 57
Warlight not working: 1/16/2013 18:32:31

Level 57
I have had it once or twice but it still works.
Warlight not working: 1/16/2013 18:51:45

Level 53
happens when taking turns.
Warlight not working: 1/16/2013 23:38:34

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
at least once a week i think its because a large influx of new players is crashing the servers ocasionally
Warlight not working: 1/17/2013 08:29:10

{RSP} Nike
Level 4
i have only been able to check my games twice in the last few days, 99% of the time i cant. It seems that people in my region (Hong kong) are suffering the problem, can Fizzer please provide an answer?
Warlight not working: 1/19/2013 15:21:35

[WG]Outspoken Ox
Level 1
wow, isn't this pathetic...

fizzer bans you minutes after you post an offensive message but fails to response to a genuine warlight problem in days.

i'm out. goodbye all.

Warlight not working: 1/19/2013 15:54:14

Level 60
lol talking tom:

Currently playing in 0 multi-player games
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Warlight not working: 1/19/2013 16:26:24

Level 53
talking tom(pulsey) do you have any idea how it is to run a game website like warlight,people like you make me sick bitching and moaning about a problem on a game you can play for free after all you would have a point if you had even payed for a membership.(Also this kinds of makes you an hypocrite because you moan at lolowut for moaning at skunk because lolowut has not made a map so yeah pulsey you have not made a website for a game so you don't know how it is plus you deserved to be banned for posting an offensive message that is an issue that can be solved quicker and easier than a connection issue.You were probably lacking common sense when you wrote your comment.Anyway to make this seem less like a rant here's a joke for you
whats the deal with airplane food

i seriously do not know how this joke ends,any one does.
Warlight not working: 1/19/2013 16:57:53

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
(that should have been posted right after tom's last post)
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