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Promote the Surrender-Button: 1/13/2013 16:50:52

pwn | Mario 
Level 56
What do you think about a better promoted surrender button? It's annoying how many players just leave the game instead of surrendering and let you wait about 5 or 10 minutes. Many of them may just not now how to surrender.

Some ideas about that:
  • make a clear visible "Surrender" button within the game
  • in the first multi-player game of each player, show a pop-up like "if you're going to lose, you can surrender pressing button xy".
  • when switching out of a real time game to another tab (my games or open games), show a short pop-up asking

    Do you want to surrender?
    [X] Don't ask again for this game
    [X] I know how to surrender. Don't ever ask me again.

Of course, the difficulty is to avoid precipitately surrenders. Many games aren't lost when you think that they are. So maybe a hint about that would be helpful. Also a hint, that even if you're about to lose, you're teammates may not! So don't surrender and play for your team!

Or am I the only one around here that sees improvement possibilities here?

Promote the Surrender-Button: 1/13/2013 16:53:09

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
open seat requirement: 50+ games played
problem solved
i agree with the popup the first multiplayer game you play, as for the rest it could lead to spams and mistakes (if it's too visible)
Promote the Surrender-Button: 1/13/2013 17:01:46

Level 58
Yeah, the solution is to not play noobs, or billy walsh.
Promote the Surrender-Button: 1/13/2013 17:05:51

pwn | Mario 
Level 56
warflowvet, you're right, seat requirements are an option in many cases. But try to make up a Double Earth 4vs4 with requirements "multi-player games completed > 100, boot rate < 10%". Before the game is full, most users left the game lobby already. Idle times between 10 and 30 min are possible and - to be honest - the requirements aren't really hard. :-)

There wouldn't be pop-upspam, as there could be a checkbox within the pop-up that lets you disable the pop-up. :-)
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