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Ideas for Artifacts: 1/27/2021 17:10:51

Level 62
A thread for a few related ideas I had regarding artifacts:

Here are some tame ones:

1. MetaArtifact: A type of artifacts that affect artifacts themselves, e.g.: An artifact that makes your other artifacts increase whatever it is they do by 10%, 20% etc., or an artifact that cuts dig time for other artifacts (useful if you're trying to collect upgrade fodder). They could either take one space of your allotted 3 artifacts, or be an entirely new class where you can only equip one at a time. So in that sense you could have 4 artifacts built from 3 normal artifacts + 1 meta artifact, but never 4 normal artifacts or 2 normal + 2 meta. The probability would be calculated into the probability of existing digs, so from now on, instead of 98% poor and 2% epic it could be 48% poor normal, 48% poor meta 1% epic normal 1% epic meta.

2. Excavation Tech Upgrades: Just like you have for mines and army camps, you could trade specific resources in exchange for providing advancements for excavation crews. This would probably only start in later levels but the advancements could Make them dig faster, make the dig cheaper, make the chances of getting a better artifact higher. And like other tech upgrades they would reset each level.

3. Wager Artifacts: Put a system in place for wagering artifacts, either over WZIB or even Warzone classic, the same way you do for coins. On a side note, it would also be cool to able to wager coins in WZIB.

Here's a crazy one:

4. Battle Artifacts (Weapons): In the same vein as meta Artifacts, you could have another class of artifacts that can only be used during battles, e.g. attack absorption, attack multiplier, double and triple attack, attack reflector, Army drain, Money drain, negative mines (sinkholes), negative hospitals (saboteurs) etc. Some of those things would be cool just as features in of their own but it would be fun to have them adhere to the artifact system as well.


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Ideas for Artifacts: 1/27/2021 19:46:34

Level 23

  • Speedy Digging - Dig sites work x% faster.
  • Digging Discount - Decrease cost of dig site by x%.
  • Market Discount - Reduces the cost of Alloy/Items by x%
  • Earn AP - Get x AP per use. Active
  • Powers Double - x% chance of claiming two powers instead of one.
Ideas for Artifacts: 1/27/2021 21:06:18

Level 62
All of those sound like pretty good ideas...except for the AP one that has the potential to be waaay OP. How about a general AP booster?

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