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Order of exclusion and cutting territories: 1/25/2021 17:16:04

Level 58
Hi guys :)

A few weeks ago I started creating a map. As usual I'm exaggerating :D
I don't like to start with simple and small projects...

My map is quite complicated and there is a lot of stuff inside of it. To get the knowledge how to create the map I was watching the Youtube video of NinjaNic "How To Create A Beautiful WarZone Map".

I put a lot of time and work into this map but now I'm afraid that I made a mistake. That's why I'm hoping that I can find some help in this forum. I try to explain my problem.

NinjaNic showed how to put trees into the map.
First I have to draw the contour. Then I have to duplicate it, highlight the contour and the map and at the end I need to make the exclusion. This works fine. A made a lot of exclusions for my map.
The Problem is that I did the exclusions before I cutted the territories. I thought that the order doesn't make any difference.
To cut a territory I'm drawing a line, convert it to a path, highlight both, click on difference (CTRL+-) and make a break (CTRL+SHIFT+K). This works also fine.
But after the break it seems that thsi steps removes the exclusions that I made before the cutting of a territory.
Or do you guys know if I can check my problem uploading it as a test version ? Maybe I will get an answer after this step. the only problem ist that the size of the file is too big so I would have to use https://jakearchibald.github.io/svgomg/ first.

I hope that you can follow my thoughts and understand my problem.

Thanks in advance!
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