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Server crash complaints: 1/5/2013 00:59:44

Level 43
Dear admins,

I am wondering about one thing. Today from midnight to 1AM GMT the warlight servers had been functioning so badly that you couldn't even do anything within a game.
Seemingly it has been resolved at like 1AM (round about).
The case is thus....multiple people had been playing games at this period. Since a lot of these games are also real-time.......we have random noobs who think it's nice to then boot people.
Since it is clearly something where the players themselves have no fault at, what is warlight going to do about this ?? A reset to before the server crash ? Declaring all these games void ??
Personally I don't care that I lost against some childish guy who is boot-happy, but I find it unfair that this would reflect negatively on my boot rate.

Anyway, what is the opinion of other forum users of this event and practice ?
Server crash complaints: 1/5/2013 01:08:03

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
pretty insignificant long term, i understand your problem since you have only a 1% boot rate, but no one really cares as long as it's under 5%. Fizzer obviously knows about this already and fixed it, making a thread won't help

here's another complaint while we're at it:
copy-paste never works in warlight, i always have to copy links manually which is annoying >.>
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