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My mystakes in 20 drama: 8/9/2014 09:05:36

Level 54
I rethought all of the recent event in our clan 20 drama and I think I owe a public apology, since all the recent events have made it a public matter. I know that not everybody is interested in reading it, nonetheless the place for it is the public forum.

I should have sought the personal dialogue with Voodoo, explaining my motives for leaving 20, or find another solution to a problem that had arisen.
Voodoo was right in claiming that I made a hurried emotional decision and I regret that things have turned out the way they did.
So I apologize to Voodoo for my mistakes and that 4 years of aquaintance on warlight should have demanded more effort and less hurried reactions on my part.

I also have to apologize to Ra or Inner Kingdom, for getting drawn into this mess, solely because of our past animosity. He got assigned the role of a pariah in public, for something he was entirely inculpable for. That never was my intention. In the case 20 should be recreated, I would want to make sure that our past grievances were to be put aside and he would be offered the same chances of joining like anybody else, given that he would still be interested. In the light of recent event I would fully understand if that wouldnt be the case anymore though.

This kind of escalation was never my intention.

Sincerly myhand

Edited 8/9/2014 09:09:17
My mystakes in 20 drama: 8/9/2014 09:32:53

Level 57
That's if Ribena wants to invite players or keep it to himself :)
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