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Skunks new map: 1/1/2013 22:11:19

Level 60
Dear Skunk,

You have published a new map today called: "Earth 1914". I`m not going to talk about this map except for the connections. Your map has quite a big amount of missing territories. Here they are:
Tibetian Republic <-> Russia
Tibetian Republic <-> British India
Russia <-> Ottoman Empire
Germany <-> France
Egypt <-> French West Africa
British India <-> Italian Somaliland
South-West Africa <-> Rhodesia
Brazil <-> Argentinia
Honduras <-> Guatenala (<- should be Guatemala??)

You should also have a look at these,cause I`m not sure if they should be connected:
British India <-> French Indochina
British Honduras <-> Honduras

That is a lot, I think, for a finished map.

Would you please check this every time before you publish a map. With big maps it is not a real problem if there is one connection not correct, but for a map this size, this is way to much. You can also check these by playing some test games before publishing the map. I haven`t heared you testing this map.

I`m just trying to help you and make your maps better so don`t worry :)
I`ll have a look at some of you other maps and post them here so you can correct them.

@ others. Please post other connection problems of Skunks map here if not done yet, but please do not spam or anything. I`m just helping Skunk.

Cheers, Min34
Skunks new map: 1/1/2013 22:17:01

Level 60
About the map: "Africa: 1914"

Connection missing:
Union of South Africa <-> Rhodesia

Territories of which I`m not sure if they should be connected:
Sudan <-> British East Africa
Uganda <-> Ethiopia
Algeria <-> Spanish Morocco
Skunks new map: 1/1/2013 22:33:45

Master Miyagi • apex 
Level 59
try putting this in the map making forum :)
Skunks new map: 1/2/2013 07:49:58

Level 58
Dear Min34: I do check all my maps for missing conections but it does seem quite odd that you have identified this many, maybe this is a sign that i shoudnt make my maps just before i go to bad.

I have fixed the mssing links that where not present i both maps and updated version will be published within the next 24 hours.

Thanks for identifieing these problems.

As for the africa map none of the suggested are mssing links, there not supposed to be connected as there is no joining edge.

Thanks again - Skunk940
Skunks new map: 1/2/2013 12:42:30

Level 60
Hi Skunk,

It`s no problem, I like to help out with these kind of things :)

I`ve had a look at some more maps:

Tripod: Everything is correct

East UK Wind Farms: Everything is correct

Christmas 2011:
Tree (top)<-> Tree (medium)

Silly Isle: Everything is correct

North Norfolk:
A148 (Kettlestonereach bonus) <-> A148 (ThornageReach Bonus)
Beeston Regis <-> Sheringham (<- These are connected, it seems they shouldn`t be)
A149 <-> Sheringham (<- looks like you accidently drew the line to Beeston Regis)
Runton <-> West Runton (runton Reach)
The street <-> B1354 (KettlestoneReach)
Thornage Road <-> HunWorth (ThornageReach)
A148 <-> Little Thornage (<- not sure about this one, ThornageReach Bonus)

That`s all I`m going to do for now. I`ve also said which maps do not have any connection problems, but that is also for me, so I know what maps i`ve already checked.
Skunks new map: 1/2/2013 18:51:17

Level 58
Couldnt find the missing link in the Christmas 2011 map.

Fixed the links that were missing on North Norfolk map but half the ones you listed where either the same thing or did already exsist.
Skunks new map: 1/2/2013 23:02:41

Level 60
Missing link in Christmas 2011:
Tree (part of TopTree bonus) <-> Tree (part of MeduimTree bonus.)
There is only one Tree territory of the "MeduimTree" bonus that should connect to the "Toptree bonus", but it doesn`t.

And you might want to change "MeduimTree" into "MediumTree"
Skunks new map: 1/3/2013 01:23:58

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
Brutally honest: I don't see how any of your maps could ever be played in an 'rp' setting or a strategic setting.
Skunks new map: 1/3/2013 01:31:18

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Arguably the least aesthetically pleasing maps in all of Warlight. Despite repeated recommendations to ensure bonus borders abut instead of overlap he has yet to do so in any of his maps. Guess it's just too much effort to ask of him.
Skunks new map: 1/3/2013 04:17:55

Level 46
Skunks new map: 1/3/2013 09:07:07

Level 58
Found and fixed Min.

Also richard you are the first peron to say that. This is excacly my point.
Skunks new map: 1/3/2013 09:08:18

Level 58
Any way Richard this is a inproving thing, just compare my earth 1914 map to one of my older ones.
Skunks new map: 1/3/2013 14:40:40

Level 53
Richard is the first to say so in those words everyone had either said so in different words or didn't want to hurt your feelings however i agree with richard your maps have many flaws and not really taken care of well,rushed and full of over sized bonus links, over sized bulbs,terrible unclear borders,a lot of missing connection.
Skunks new map: 1/3/2013 14:55:36

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Most certainly not the first time it's been said... I know for a fact that I have said it to you on multiple occasions and I'm sure I can't be alone in that.
Skunks new map: 1/3/2013 15:06:12

Level 50
I think we all agree on that.
Skunks new map: 1/3/2013 15:14:16

Level 60
That`s why I started this thread, to help improve some of his old maps.
Skunks new map: 1/4/2013 21:02:45

Level 60
Other maps,

Biology: No missing connections.

Europe 1914: Only thing is that The Netherlands aren`t in the neutral bonus, but in the Allies bonus.

Open Ground <-> Spawn Corner (Eastcourdyard)
Open Ground <-> Entrance (SouthernCourdyard)
Lower Platform <-> Upper Platform (Bunker)

IndoChina (large version)
Aurangabad <-> Hyderbad (Western India)
Guna <-> Bhopal (MadhyPradesh)
Guna <-> Khajuraho (MadhyaPradesh)
Kanpur <-> Khajuraho (MadhyaPradesh)
Gerze <-> Shannan (West Tibet)
Bagdogra <-> Trashigang (Assam)
Bagdogra <-> Guwahati (Assam)
Tezu <-> Khamti (East China)
Myitkyina <-> Kalaymyo (NorthMyanmar)
Bago <-> Kyaukpyu (WestMyanmar)
Riau <-> Singapore
Riau <-> Tanjung Pinang (are connected, shouldn`t be. Accidently connected Tanjung Pinang in place of Singapore.)
Bangkok <-> Myeik (WestThailand)
Miri <-> West Borneo
Tahuna <-> General Santos City (EastPulauIslands)
Tahuna <-> Isabela (Are connected, shouldn`t be.)

Scandinavia Surrounds: No missing Connections

Toblix Island:
Fedora Hills <-> Underground Tunnel System (Military Zone)
YO 5 Intergalactic Transporter <-> Cocoa Intergalactic Transporter (Space District)
Farmers Valley <-> Desierto De Los Muetros (Old District)

Earth (realistic):
Colombia <-> Peru
South Sudan <-> Kenya
Sudan <-> Central African Republic
Burkina Faso <-> Republic of Niger
Algeria <-> Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Ireland is misspelled. (it is Irelend now)

Europe Realistic:
Croatia <-> Serbia
Turkey <-> Greece

Falklands Islands:
Open Ground <-> Rio Verde Bay
You need to have a look at some of the Unnamed Islands, cause some are named.

Africa Billike:
Marrakesh <-> Tiris Zemmour (Marocco)
Lake Nassar <-> Nubian Desert (Sudan / Egypt)
Equatorial Guinea <-> Bangui
Central <-> Malawi
Windhoek <-> North Cape (South Africa)
Skunks new map: 1/5/2013 08:53:09

Level 58
Dome: Fixed the top 2 but the Lower Platform and Upper platform dont acturly touch.

Indochina (Large Version): Fixed Them.

Toblix Island: Fixed Them.

Earth (Realistic): Fixed them dn renamed Irelend.

Europe (Realistic): Fixed Them.

Falklands Islands: Fixed Them.

Africa Billike: Fixem Them.

Thanks again Min. These updates will be published when Fizzer publishes them.
Skunks new map: 1/5/2013 11:50:43

Level 60
no problem :)
Skunks new map: 1/5/2013 17:54:00

Level 49
Norway conquer Russia in one turn? seems legit
Skunks new map: 1/5/2013 18:51:08

[WM] Anonymous 
Level 52
lol, we need a "like" button on the forum :D +1 for the comment above
Skunks new map: 1/5/2013 23:36:23

{RSP} Nike
Level 4
+1 red: now i can like every comment thats against the people i dont like in the foum ;)

be nice guys, they're not bad maps, tbh, could be good for some practice games for fun, but not for strategic games :)
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