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I feel Artifacts need this: 12/24/2020 00:26:36

Level 55
Hello there. This is my first time in the forum, and my first suggestion. I'm pretty new to Idle (I have only 1 rare item), so maybe this is a problem you only have in low levels like me, but, I would like a small change to how artifacts are displayed. Right now, I usually change between artifacts when I need them (+sell prices when I want money, mercenaries cost reduced when I get them...) so there are like 3/4 that can be used or not depending on the moment. At the same time, I have a lot I don't use but to get better ones. My suggestion is that you could separate them (You "can" do this rn, but it's way easier to miss any of them and forget about it). It's not a huge change or something that needs to be fixed, but it doesn't have any downside and it's useful.
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