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Proposal: 12/21/2020 12:18:08

Level 60
Two new modes could be added
- cap - u pick your cap and when you lose the capital you also lose the game
- increasing with classic game cards ...your income will grow based on territories u have and trading cards - example of cards trading the first 3 rounds 3 cannons are worth 4 armies in the sixth round 8 and so on
what do u think about?
p.s. increasing game is very funny if played by 4 or more players

Edited 12/21/2020 12:18:53
Proposal: 12/28/2020 00:35:13

Level 50
I would be interested in cards for new functionality as well, but the game already offers settings you can tinker with that allow for games with your desired settings

Capital: Enable Commanders, if this piece is captured/dies from a failed attack (which only dies if there are insufficient armies on the tile), the player automatically loses the game. What's cool is you can move your capital around (as the commander) so if the enemy is bringing a big march (stack) of armies, you can adapt rather than worry about being defeated
Note: Only members can create games with commanders (capital).

Increasing Income: Use reinforcements card and set income based on number of turns elapsed. You can set the multiplier. Based on the total income of the map, I usually set the multiplier between 50% and 200% (double the turn count). The longer the game goes on, the more opportunity there is to turn the situation around (unless your opponent owns an overwhelming majority of the map)

Edited 12/28/2020 00:35:29
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