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Tips:Creating and Monitoring a New Youtube Channel: 7/27/2014 21:50:05

Level 58
Tips: Creating and Monitoring a New Youtube Channel.

Tools I am Using : Fraps, Windows Movie Maker, Youtube Maker.

Purpose : Walktrough. I may Make a Site But I am lazy.

Youtube Points :

Annotations, playlist, 5 tags on each video, a Dummy Text for an About me. High Quality Videos (I pick the best records on a mission). Summary.

Reciprocal Publicity : In Progress. I have one Featured Channel.

Widgets and Social : 0. No site or Feeds.

Content :

2 Videos. I would like to upload more once I get a few Comments.


My Work :


Going through the Tutorial as a *Demo* Video.

The other Video is a Intro Movie for the Game as a test.


Topic :

Thief : Dark Project.

Countless Videos Have been made but many Uploaders don't know Common Techniques like Bunny Jumping or Shortcuts. My Video is 5 minutes including the Cinematic. A few Videos go beyond 10 minutes. I expect that there should be enough (a few) videos around 4 minutes but I haven't found one yet.

Fastest Speed Run on this Level is 1:39. My time is 3:09.


Post tips to help me to get some *Popularity* Points in Youtube. I want at least 10 views. :)
Tips:Creating and Monitoring a New Youtube Channel: 7/27/2014 22:19:33

Level 58
I am *Making* my Channel. An image was uploaded. I have a Folder of Images for The Thief Game. I may want a General Image now but I will do it with Standard Editing Tools. There's so Many Options For The Channel. I red somewhere that there was an experimental place in Youtube For Posting New Videos. And Youtube can advertise your video but I forgot what the option is. :(
Tips:Creating and Monitoring a New Youtube Channel: 7/30/2014 12:33:47

Level 35
Duuuuuuuuhhhhhh , im way better than u , I already got 903 views total
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