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What Strategies can we come up with??: 7/27/2014 05:43:44

Level 57
So I finally analyzed the 1v1 strategic Medium Earth template and came up with these pick strategies

1. the 2 combo 1 base- you select three picks Hong Kong, India, and Dudinka and you take India in a FTB and after capturing Hong Kong you go take West Russia and meet in the middle.
Win Ratio: approx 50% excluding counters

India+Hong Kong=2+West Rus=3X2= 6 in at >=6 turns you will have a double digit income.

2.the separate bases-you select Cuba, Kenya, and Sweden from there you just connect the dots or trap the opponent in the tangled web- Win Ratio: 39-41%
3X1=3 3X3=9 in at <=9 turns you will have all the bonuses and a double digit income

3.Cluster pick-You start in three places exactly next to each other Say for example Somalia, Nigeria and Algeria.
2 types of cluster picks expansion or ambush
A.Expansion; when Warlight player capture every single territory in their path regardless of Wastelands
B. Ambush; Player assumes you are in a relative location and aims toward that bonus while capturing other bonuses and transferring armies to and fro to increase speed and efficiency to catch opponent by surprise.

Win Ratio-??

*riskiest of the strategy picks*

This thread is used for sharing ideas and collaborating on templates.

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What Strategies can we come up with??: 7/27/2014 09:14:52

Level 56
There are a couple of problems with this. Firstly the strategies available to you each game in strategic 1v1 change so much due to the random warlords and wastelands that your list would have to be massive to consider even half of these possible distributions, I think techniques and tactics would be much better things to collect. Also, of course sticking to a few 'hard-coded' will make you make you very predictable - you don't want to be predictable.

I suggest looking over some top ladder games and analysis threads where techniques are discussed openly and think of how you might be able to use them to improve your own game. (Presumably this is your goal?)
What Strategies can we come up with??: 7/27/2014 23:47:55

Level 57
Yes it is...thank you Green
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