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What is ✯4G✯?: 12/19/2012 23:46:33

{rp} Kingmaker 
Level 58
Left Hand: What is ✯4G✯?
Right Hand: Wouldn't you like to know!
Left Hand: Yeah, that's why I asked. So tell me...
R Hand: You'll find out soon enough.
Left Hand: Whatever!
What is ✯4G✯?: 12/19/2012 23:49:31

Level 56
your hands are terribly misinformed.
What is ✯4G✯?: 12/20/2012 00:00:00

Master ARC 
Level 57
I feel like I should say but then I feel like wilf would be pissed at me :P
What is ✯4G✯?: 12/20/2012 00:13:28

Master Miyagi • apex 
Level 59
left hand: I wonder will be in this ✯4G✯?
Right hand: I wonder if they might be magic..
Left hand: I also wonder that
Right hand: Maybe ✯4G✯ is WO new clan that involves himself and himself and consists of him writing poems
Left hand: That sounds like a good idea
Right hand: Lets go do that
Posts 1 - 4 of 4