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troulussa's second account: 12/14/2012 13:15:36

Level 60
"Thread is locked - replying not allowed"... as the thread was locked lets go no here

at least neither billy nor hell bender have secondary accounts, that makes u target

ps: why does everyone who create secondary accounts comes and talk in that thread saying: "look at me, look at me!"
troulussa's second account: 12/14/2012 14:56:36

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35

Reversed HHH those weren't my accounts :O
They were trolling me :(
I am a victim!!!

I'm very happy that there is finally a thread with my name upon, this was my main aim when I started to troll random people and of course myself.

P.S. (2)
Anyway if those accounts would be mine, I would have used them only in order not to be banned, in fact I've got a much more secret multi account from wich no one is able to arrive at me.
But once again this is a purely hypothetical speech because those accounts are not mine at all, despite the proofs that they have built up against me:(
Poor Trolussa:'(
troulussa's second account: 12/14/2012 18:35:26

[WM] แต€แดดแดฑ๐“•๐“ป๐“ฒ๐“ญ๐“ฐ๐“ฎ 
Level 59
[WM]Trollussa - It's got nothing to do with you... This thread is about some guy named troulussa...
troulussa's second account: 12/14/2012 22:41:09

Level 58
it couldn't have been trollussa, i could actually understand what he was saying.
troulussa's second account: 12/14/2012 23:55:41

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
Oh thank you guys, now the reversed hhh's post seems much more senseful...
Sometimes I am such an egocentric badass:O
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