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Could not connect = Loss! (Service is unavailable): 12/11/2012 08:13:26

Level 36
Game ID : http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=3553418

Me and my partner kept getting could getting could not connect messages and were unable to put our turns in. After closing and reopening our browser we had the same problem. We finally loaded it back up to find we had been awarded the loss and the other team the win as we were booted.

We spoke to the other team and neither of them had put their moves in either. So could you explain why we are awarded a loss? And also now a boot?

Why were not all 4 booted?

Will this be reset at all now?
Could not connect = Loss! (Service is unavailable): 12/11/2012 08:55:49

[WM] แต€แดดแดฑ๐“•๐“ป๐“ฒ๐“ญ๐“ฐ๐“ฎ 
Level 59
In case of all players in a game getting booted, the system chooses one (probably random) team that gets a win. It doesn't make the game autovoted as some would prefer. It has been covered a few times already on the forum. Ironheart once said the game votes to end, but i think that was just a wild guess, cause many players reported a random player would get a win. (there was also a theory, that the win goes to the first player to join a game but it haven't been confirmed bi Fizzer)

i found only two threads about it:

My question would be: Does the system randomly choose a winner or is it an algorythm based on a fixed value - like for example jointime as vostro suggested..? Fizzer...?
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