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Open Tournaments: 12/9/2012 01:06:54

Level 59
I have made 5 Open Tournaments on different maps, so that nonmembers can play in some tournaments with decent settings if they want:

I plan to keep making open tournaments like this for nonmembers (and of course members who want to play) because I remember when I was a nonmember and most of the tournament settings suck. The maximum amount of open tournaments I am allowed to make at one time is five, so once one of these tournaments fills up, I will make another open tournament. I personally won't be playing in any of them but I feel like this is a small thing I can do to help the nonmembers on warlight. Let me know if you want to be invited to these so that you don't have to check open tournaments all the time to see if I have made any more.

Also, if any nonmembers want a tournament made, give me a template and I am willing to make the tournament for you with the settings you want, although I would like to limit it to only one per a person.
Open Tournaments: 12/9/2012 22:37:39

Level 61
hi, send me invites for the nexts if you can plz =)

thx for doing this
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