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Supercamp Doesn't Work: 12/3/2020 21:49:07

Level 58
The supercamp doesn't seem to work. I've upgraded it to level 6 on the map I'm playing right now. It should be at an extra 8k/sec, but it's at 0. I added up the rest of the column except the supercamp, and sure enough, that's my total per sec.

Edited 12/3/2020 22:05:07
Supercamp Doesn't Work: 12/4/2020 00:22:03

Level 61
what is this supercamp thing and where can it be found please ?
Supercamp Doesn't Work: 12/4/2020 00:23:07

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
Is Warzone slowly turning into EA or am I just hallucinating this thread and the supercamps
Supercamp Doesn't Work: 12/4/2020 00:26:27

Level 58
whoa you're right. That needs fixed.
Supercamp Doesn't Work: 12/4/2020 00:31:20

Level 64

Warzone Creator
Sorry about that. There is a bug here, but it's not what you think.

The supercamp is working, and is giving you all the armies it says it is. You can prove this by watching your army count. Take a screenshot, wait 30 seconds, take another screenshot, subtract the numbers and divide by 30. You'll see you're getting what you're supposed to.

The bug is that the armies/sec number in the top right is wrong. This is fixed in the latest update to the app (5.07.5), this version is live on the website now and will be live on the ios/android app soon.
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