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Smartphones: 12/4/2012 07:05:50

Level 55
Can WL be played on a Samsung S3? The wiki doesn't say. I tried the download but the "file could not be opened."
Smartphones: 12/4/2012 07:24:59

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Some Android phones seem to have problems installing apps from within the browser. One workaround is to use a file explorer app to install it instead of the browser. Follow these steps:

1. Download a file explorer app such as "ASTRO" or "ES File Exlorer"
2. Download the APK file to your device as instructed on the wiki
3. Launch the file explorer, find the APK file, and tap it to install the app.
Smartphones: 12/4/2012 21:40:28

Level 3
Will you ever make a Windows app for it?
Smartphones: 12/4/2012 23:06:44

♦CPU♦ no name 
Level 56
got a s3 but it froze all the time some time i have time too load a game or check chat but froze before i can do any move try many many time
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