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Blessed is the n00b: 2020-11-19 01:54:51

Level 62
We're here to help. Here to help new players learn.
New players are here to help too. They're on the team, ready to help the team to victory by
what are they, th, they can't get a single enemy to spend a SINGLE army on them while their teammates are locked in tight battles that could easily be swayed if an enemy had to spend more than nothing somewhere the n00b. You're not winning a game of hide-and-seek, mate! Get in the WARZONE! Join the fight! $@SD@!
I beg your pardon. Let's not speak of what the new player is doing. It is their character that matters. Their insight. Their creativity. That nonsense they're attempting pales in comparison to what they are capable of, and in comparison to what they will soon be able to achieve.

In a snarky effort to keep things personable, I have opted to focus on the brighter side of things: My victories vs. the inexperienced! Mmmm, yes. Sweet untrulyearned boosterlets for my ego. Egoboosterita.

I'll try to come back to this thread weekly to offer an additional blessing. For now, I leave you with this one.
Blessed is the enemy who expansiohides from enemy when a mere fraction of his income would prove tide-turning on a front crucial to his teammate. Thank you for not confronting me until after I had finished breaking through your teammate's defenses.
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