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Warzone: Tricky Europe V2: 11/17/2020 20:53:50

Level 57
I succeeded in 32 turns.
Turn 1: take Pontus with 1 before your ally does. - Add 1 to Mursa and attack Salonae with 1. - Take Thracia. - Give Durocortorumplayer Sanctions Card.
Turn 2: Take Pontius with 1 and Bithynia with 10 - Add 3 to Cannae and counterattack Rhegium. Your ally will take Rhodope. After this you take Haemimontus. - Savariaplayer and Naronaplayer will battle for Salonae. Attack at end of turn Savaria.
Turn 3: Eat up your ally, but leave him Rhodope so you won't get -2. - Add 1 to Mursa to counter the attack from Naroneplayer. - Add 2 to Savaria and counterattack Virunum. - Take Syracuse
Turn 4 to 7: Go straight to Durocortorum with all your armies and reinforcements. - Meanwhile take as much of Greece and Italy to boost up your reinforcements.
Turn 8 to 13: Defend Durocortorum and destroy Durocortorumplayer. Steam down to Spain with as much reinforcements you can.
Turn 14 to16: Take Qssonoba through detour via Bracaria and Olisipio to mislead Gadaesplayer's large army. Use herefore the Prioritycards.
Turn 17 to 19: Defend Qssonoba and take Acra Leuce and Carthago Nova.
Turn 20 to 22: Pullback from Carthago Nova to mislead Gadaesplayer's large army. Take Hispalis - Gadaes - Tingus with all the reinforcements you can add. Meanwhile every turn you have moved the 10 reinforcements from Durocortorum to the south. Stack up the reinforcements to Qssonoba. If necessary fly over the army from Qssonoba to Taracco to stop Gadaesplayer in Spain. This will give you the means to take over Spain.
Turn 23 to 25: Head for Cartena. Start saving up the reinforcements at Durocortorum. Meanwhile head also for Caralis (Sardinia).
Turn 26 to 30: Mislead the army in Hippo Regius by jumping from Theveste to Cartenna and to Cirta. Defend Cartenna and meanwhile keep on reinforcing from Qssonoba
Turn 31: Take Zama and Saldae
Turn 32: Fly over from Durocortorum and finish off Gadaesplayer and Qssonobaplayer

Still no star (28 turns) but almost.

greetings from Belgium
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