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Do caches have predermined loot inside them?: 11/2/2020 20:55:05

Level 35
I still don't quite get it, about how do those caches work and how is their reward devided.
I am now struggling with understanding of army and money caches reward.
What I have seen with my eyes is that, basically, at the start of the game almost all army/money caches give a huge boost to their resource. Like, you can conquer army cache on 5M territory and receive 21M armies as reward! Or just now, I conquered 49M army cache and got 68M armies. But also, in the middle-to-endgame they reward less resources than you spend armies to get them. Like, I got 16M armies from 30M single territory, and only 50M armies from army cache territory bonus, when wasted ~120M on conquering.
You can't guess whether will you gain profit and should grab cache asap or will you lose your armies for nothing! Or can you?
The same thing works for money cache too. In the beginning, when earning 30 coins/second, you can easily loot 200k gold (6666 seconds to grind by yourself) from some small easily accessible territory, and in the mid-endgame, wasting 100+M armies, you get some reward, like 20M gold with 40k coins/second (500 seconds to grind by yourself).
So, basically, it is best to advance not to caches, but to mines and bonuses, then trying to hoard those caches and asking Luck to help you get profit...
Maybe I am wrong, but this is how I feel for 2 maps straight. At the start you get lots of help from caches and can go fast-fast, and later, they begin to suck your armies for not good rewards, progress gets slower and in the end you just wait for money/armies you make with your own resources/trading/income. It'd be cool to have some information about how this is working and why do first rewards give more than you spend to gain those and later rewards give little and you don't have any profit.
Or is it just pure random?
P.S. predetermined, don't know why did the topic name lose 2 letters :D

Edited 11/2/2020 20:59:43
Do caches have predermined loot inside them?: 11/2/2020 21:07:13

Level 64

Warzone Creator
There is a random element to cache sizes, yes.
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