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Feedback / discussion of "Croatia(HR)": 7/13/2014 21:18:42

Level 46
A new map of Croatia was just released: http://warlight.net/Map?ID=15104

I wanted to write a review, but ran out of space way before I was done. So, figured to post it here instead.

There are a few problems with this map, starting with actual errors and working down to "not wrong, just weird":

  • In the northeast corner of the map is a territory called Osjecko-baranjska zupanija. This "contains" another territory (GgradOsijek), but there is no gap in the territory, so as soon as you click it, the smaller territory becomes invisible. (The problem, and its solution, are described on the WL Wiki: http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Inkscape_tips#Cutting_holes )

  • I know bonus values are a hotly debated topic, but GraadSplit being worth four must be an error; it's way overpowered. Since even GraddZagreb (the capital) only gives one army and bonuses default to being worth four armies, I think the map maker simply forgot to assign it a more realistic value (such as 1).

  • The bonus SrednjaDalmacija being worth two armies is also weird. I'm not even sure why it is a bonus at all; it seems much more sensible to include that territory in the SjevernaDalmacija bonus. Furthermore, if a connection to territory Primorsko-goranska zupanija is added, that would make the bonus contiguous. As it is, you need to capture five territories, even though the bonus itself only consists of three; the suggested changes would turn it into a four-territory bonus, which can be captured without needing to take any unrelated territories.

  • I'm unsure whether the mapmaker speaks Croatian; even though I myself don't, it still looks like there's a lot of spelling mistakes in the territory names. The Croatian word for town or city is "grad"; as far as I can tell, neither "graad" nor "gradd" are Croatian words, but many territories spell it like that. Is there a Croatian on this forum willing to double-check the territory (and bonus) names?

  • While it's fun to have the neighbouring countries drawn into the map, dividing them into regions makes it look like they are part of the map, but in fact they are not. What do other people think about this?

I'll send a PM to the map maker to notify them and ask for their input.

ps. Apologies for not using the special letters; they are not on my keyboard and it would be a ton of work to copy-paste them everywhere.
Feedback / discussion of "Croatia(HR)": 7/14/2014 23:38:21

Red Menace
Level 55
You should write a review on the map and link it to this.
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