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Warlight Legends: 11/19/2012 18:23:53

Level 60
This is a thread where you can use all your fantasy and create legends of WarLight.
You can make legends about yourself, others or things that happend as long as it includes WarLight. You can post the entire legend in once or if you are out of ideas but it hasn`t finished yet you can just post another part later on. Please do not troll or anything like that (yes, I`m a bit bored but this still is a good idea)

The planet WarLight. [introduction]
There are other worlds than just our earth. More planets where life has found a way. These planets do not only excist in our universe, but also in other universes. You call them multiverses. Sometimes a path between these multiverses opens and somebody from our planet is able to visit another earthlike planet in these multiverses. This is a great adventure and if you ever get the chance to go to one of these you should take that chance. Why? I`ll tell you why:
These multiverses and the planets they hold are a complete new world. They are completely different from our world, mostly in a better way. You can ask some people if they have been there. Some people have been to another universe and wrote a book about it and told the stories of these world to our people. One of these persons was Tolkien. Also I have been to a strange world. There isn`t really a word in our language, but they called their world 'WarLight'. This beautiful planet with a population wich looks a lot like humans, they act like us, they think like us(accually they are smarter than most of us), they eat, sleep, talk, laugh, fight, think, play and work as we do. Only in a few ways we are different. Our stories and legends is one of these things. Our legends are made a long time ago and nobody really believes them. Their legends are different. They are less old than ours, but more important they are true. There stories about god and great conquerors are true...
How do I know so sure? That`s because they are still with them. There god, who they call Fizzer (I guess in our language that would be something like Randy) is still with them. Lives with them, talks with them and create and shapes the planet to their preferences. He punishes the ones that do not listen and plays and talks with the ones that are good. The Warlighters like them and are happy with him. Warlight is, thanks to its god, a beautiful planet.

Next time [gathering of warlighters and the forming of clans]
Warlight Legends: 11/19/2012 18:28:30

Level 60
so post your legend and complete and create more legends of Warlight. If somebody says something like "next time or this was [part 1]" than he wants to finish it hisself. If you want somebody else to finish it tell them at the end of you legend :).
Succes and have some fun.
Warlight Legends: 11/19/2012 21:57:06

Level 60
the best legends u may create r in real threads, without telling anyone it is a fake.... if anyoen believes thats a real elgend, not a fake entry on fake legends
Warlight Legends: 11/19/2012 23:40:19

Darth Mylor {Warlighter}
Level 13
someone go create a legend about how AIs first came to warlight.
Warlight Legends: 11/20/2012 01:12:13

Level 46
Warlight Legends: 11/20/2012 01:41:14

Sze Likes His CLOT
Level 2
Living legend --> Billy Walsh
Warlight Legends: 11/20/2012 04:36:36

Level 28
Obviously, AIs are dumb aliens who don't know anything about how the Planet Warlight works. Unlike the popular rumour that AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, when in fact it means "Aliens are Dumb".
Warlight Legends: 12/5/2012 12:26:41

Wally Balls 
Level 58
I am a legend. /thread
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