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Created Game: 6/27/2010 02:57:10

Level 2
Okay, so when I first joined this site I got booted from a game while I was taking my turn and I was in good position to win. So, I went and created my own game, however I set the boot time (both vote and direct) to "never". I have now been on playing on this site for almost 3 weeks and that first game is still sitting there on turn 3. Is there any way to get an admin to either boot a player or just remove the game entirely?
Created Game: 6/27/2010 03:15:16

Level 3
Yeah, I have a game where there is no direct boot time but there is a vote time and two of the players are missing so it's an eternal game.

I have my filter set so I can't see it.
Created Game: 6/27/2010 08:46:38

Level 4
Maybe you could just set it to some normal value next time? the "never boot" option wasn't intended to be used when playing with strangers.
Created Game: 6/27/2010 23:30:28

Level 58

Warzone Creator
You should try nudging the player who is holding up the game.

If this doesn't work, unfortunately, the "never" boot option is a bit of a risk - if someone just refuses to play their turn, the game will be stuck. Often repeated nudges will eventually get them to at least come in and surrender.

Different people prefer different boot timers. Some prefer super fast games that they can play in one sitting, and others prefer 1-day or 2-day boot times since they play once per day. Your first game was a bad experience since someone clearly set the boot timer far too low (I imagine this was a "one-sitting game"). Your second game was a bad experience since the boot time was set too high. It sounds like your appropriate boot time is somewhere in between - you say 3 weeks is clearly too long, so maybe that should be your desired boot time? Or one week?
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