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Memberships and the Mega Stragety Pack: 7/8/2014 19:10:11

[UN] The M.A.N. 
Level 43
Now I know that Warlight is a smaller game in terms of the number of players that play it (which contributes to a strong, tight community)and still needs money to run but the number of smaller packs that seem to brake down what you can do in Warlight is frustrating.

With the new addition of the Mega Map and Strategy Packs I feel that the Warlight Membership has lost some of its value. I got my membership before the 2.0 version where you could only make 24 player games at most. I got a membership not only to support Warlight (which I had already been playing for quite a while) but also to be able to do something that I could not do. When leveling and now these Mega Packs were added I feel that it cheapened and continues to cheapen the membership. The only reason to buy the membership now is to turn off adds but because I got mine before their were adds I did not buy it for that reason. If given a second chance I am sure I would still buy a Pack but I would not put down two times the money for a M next to my name.

The simplest solution I can see, since everything is now tied to leveling would be to increase the leveling speed of Warlight members. This would allow people who have put a year into Warlight (like myself) the ability to have everything and still allow some members to immediately get the extra abilities by buying the packs. It would also be nice if there was a discount for members on some of the packs.

To finish this off I would like to address the reason I am writing this. Of course the main reason is I have no life and need to get a life/job as I have been told before but a close second is the fact that the product I payed for no longer exists and Fizzer is left holding the money. For the experiences I have had and the time I have spent playing this game I would probably be willing to spend even more money than I already have, however I would like to know that in some way I am getting something back (Besides good karma and feeling like a nice person. Who wants that BS?).

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Memberships and the Mega Stragety Pack: 7/8/2014 20:06:36

Level 60
you can join ladder the best way to level up if u dont play roullete games
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